Pamela Hoaglund

I’m sure you want to know all you can about the person you are thinking of leaving your fur baby with. I am Very transparent, as you will see as you read on….

The Reader’s Digest version:

I am a business entrepreneur who loves animals.

The long version:

I have been an entrepreneur since age 18, selling Cutco cutlery and going on to become a District Manager with Vector Marketing upon graduating from Assumption College.

From there I worked with Crown Linens and Uniforms for 2 years before becoming an Orthotic Fitter. Here, I found my passion: working with the geriatric population and those with special needs. After being a rep for 2 years, I became a Regional Manager with that company before venturing out on my own.

I started Orthotic Solutions in 1996 after becoming a Medicare provider and accredited by The Joint Commission. When I closed it March of ’21 due to constant Medicare changes, audits, etc., I had 4 office personnel and 8 fitters. It broke my heart. We had become the #1 provider of diabetic footwear in the state and diabetics had no where to turn.

I started working as an independent contractor with Quantum Medical, a national provider, continuing to provide diabetic shoes. Then I was approached by a Rehab company to, in essence, recreate Orthotic Solutions. Things were going wonderfully until a tragedy struck the owner’s family Dec, ’21 and it all came to a halt.

It was time to figure out what my true passions were and figure out what type of work made me happy…and Buck Teeth Boarding (“BTB”) was born.

I have always had a love of all animals. At one point, my dining room was blocked off and in it were 2 bunnies, 2 hedgehogs and 5 Guinea pigs!!! Add that to a dog and a cat and I had my hands full. I loved all of my critters and they all lived a great life; however, after they crossed the rainbow bridge one by one, I decided to stick to just a dog, cat and got a kitten March 2022.

BTB started out the gate quickly and I was loving every minute of it! But I was getting calls daily from diabetics in need of shoes, so I reached back out to Quantum and in Sept, ’22, I began working with them again! In August ’23, we opened Quantum’s first ever satellite office in Bridgewater! Preparing for that was a lot of work, but it is up and running smoothly thanks to my previous office manager who operates it!

Now I get to work in the 2 areas close to my heart!!! Taking care of animals AND seeing patients- both from Home!

I am learning something every time I take on a new pup making me more selective in who I choose for boarding. Safety is my # 1 priority, so ensuring I know which dogs will be here together is of utmost importance! We don’t want any rumbles- just fun, play and safe socialization!

If you feel your pooch would do well with me, Lucy and other pups, please click the button below!

Where did the name “Buck Teeth Boarding” come from?

I get asked this question a LOT!

The short of it is that I missed my little rodents and a friend who has 2 bunnies suggested that I offer boarding for them, along with dogs! I figured out quickly that most people just have a neighbor go in check on them from time to time…and all I was getting is requests for dogs, so I chose to just stick with pups- but keep the name!